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Gambling and eminent players in Macau casino

In casino world the most welcome players always was “aces” – the very eminent players who can afford to loose million or more during one visit to a casino. And casino were always hunting for such players.
Casino management are ready to send a plain to every spot of the world to get an “ace” in own’s disposal and to deliver high-roller to their hotel free if he expresses a willingness to play one or few days. There are not too many such players in the world per se. There are about some hundreds persons.
James Packer and Laurens Ho – two billionaires’ sons scraped up their fortune on gamble business – inaugurated new casino in May 2007 in Asian gambling capital – Macau – $524 millions cost. The venture turned out fail…
Initially Crown Macau casino was oriented mainly on average-income players. But three months after grandiose opening two founders of the new casino decided that time to make cardinal changes came, how Laurence Ho said: “it’s time to set off an atom bomb and turn over a new leaf”.
Packer an Laurence took away from casino 60% tables for low staking games and moved off about 80% slots to clear a place for future “ace’s” big game. Casino shifted its’ accent from middle class to VIP-players leaving in casino from $100.000 during one visit.
It’s amazing that these risk straregy immediately brought their Crown Macau casino 15% share of gambling market less then during the year. Now the casino gets stably growing profit.
By the way, talking about Macau… Do you know that slots turnover in Macau is just 5-6% of general casino turnout and though it increased to 20% during last 5 years, slots are still far away from gambling leaders in Asian region. Curiously enough that the leader in amount of gamblers’ preferences is Baccarat!

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Jackpot City Casino Review

I would like to share my feelings of playing in Jackpot City internet casino. This is a really respectable casino was established in 1998. Since it develops daily and always tries to diversify the life of gamblers. For me casino games are way to relax and to get some different emotions after tough working day. I played different internet casinos but my favorite is Jackpot City. It has maybe only one disadvantage is lack Russian language but that is why my friends from Russia prefer to play other casinos. But for me it’s not a problem I know English very well. By the way Jackpot City supports more than ten languages just go and check it: What I really like is very good customer care services. They will answer all your questions which you interested in moreover they will guide you how to play any game in casino. If you meet different kind of problem they will solve it
What games are available in Jackpot City? All famous games developed with a help of flash technology not only looking good but provide you with real life chances to win. All these game was developed such way that you don’t have do download special application software as usually you have to do it in other casinos.
Winnings and Payouts. If you have credit card like VISA or MasterCard it’s not a problem for you to fill your account or to get a payout in any modern internet casino. But sometimes it’s more comfortable for you to use your electronic currency purse. Jackpot City gives you opportunity to use several types of electronic currencies. Choice is yours.
I think this fact will be the most attractive for you that this casino exists during the long time. They already fixed all bugs all potential opportunities for swindlers. Nobody will hack this casino anyway the chances are low. If you are fan of internet casino you will enjoy it there is no doubt. Go and play

Alternatives to ground casinos in conditions of “game crisis”

It happens and happened in any countries that government decrees about creation of special “game zones” and closing of game institution threatened with crash of game business in country. Inveterate players are always in grief and savage haters celebrating. It seemed that everything determined.

But game industry gave a surprise to lawmakers, advanced an alternative to ground casino. However, rather deserved and competitive alternative. The issue is about Brandy casino. More specifically not about Internet-portal itself but about ground terminals, development and adoption of which began in Russia since 2004.

Casino terminal is ordinary PC connected to Brandy casino and providing players a possibility to try fortune in hundred gamble games.

But are these terminals safe? And what is the general tendency of game business development in countries, where lawmakers try to forbid gambling? Is it possible to evade a law? It appears that it’s possible, you bet! Judge yourself: such decrees forbid functioning of casinos and playing machines halls. Sought-for disappeared everywhere, but… game business tycoons turned out much more skilful and resourceful than governmental statesmen.

Quickly understood that nobody forbade Internet with computers yet, yesterday casinos owners began to open “Internet clubs”, and not the ordinary, but playing ones. And nobody ca forbid it them.

But let’s address to the letter of law, not to be unsubstantiated.

According to, for example, Russian law, game playing machine is playing equipment (mechanical, electric, electronic or any technique equipment) using for gamble games with material winnings conducting, which defines randomly with the device, situated inside the case of such playing equipment, without participate of gamble games organizer or his employees.

Neither more nor less. And what do we have? Personal computer, by no means not determine game fate and only connecting a player with far away server, which is other state’s property. It’s clear that owner of “Internet-café” doesn’t influence on game outcome too, and has no attitude to virtual casino. He only pays gains and conduct deposits. Mediator. Ordinary mediator. What can we take of him?

That is happens familiar “we tried our best, you know the rest” again. Every student now gets the possibility to open casino. There are no tips for game business conducting, no fabulous expensive license… Some computers connecting to Internet, supportable premises… and you are director of own casino already.

Bandy today is monopolist in such services in Russia, but as it known, nature abhors a vacuum. Other Russian language portals will want to measure swords with pioneer for sure. And judging by customers demand, it will happen soon.

The one is worry: if current “mediators” ex-owners of ground casinos will bear excessively high level of payments? As earlier being the owner of own “world” such a “mediator” could influence on game’s outcome, and now he has to communicate with unprejudiced internet-resource, which is honest and impartial. Though, for absence of something better, and in conditions of customers fever mediators will survive surely.

However, to my opinion, playing casino at home is much pleasanter than in crowded and smoked-up hall of “Internet-café”. For one who wishes to familiarize, I’ll tell a little about resource, guilty of mass hysteria.

Brandy appeared in Russian internet space rather long ago and had time to recommend itself as honest institution with good reputation. There is Playtech soft in the casino, what is guarantee of wide assortment of offering games, and safely protect from different unfair.

Brandy’s bonus politics is rather profitable and size of welcome-bonus and quite strikes imagination because reach thousand dollars. Of course, casino bonuses are “sticky” and their charging system is specific. And deposit politics of institution is special too. Though, player gets 100% commission in the case of losing with first deposit, when staking 250$.

In a one word, try possibilities of regenerated game business yourself. And make a decision if such type of dialog with Fortune does for you.

The History of Casino. How it has appeared?

In the antique Roma and Greece gambles was popular only in bath houses and taverns. The separate gamble houses appeared later in medieval Europe. The word Casino became from Italy and means small country house or private club where people came to play. Before XVII century these playing houses was only private and illegal. Especially church censured and persecuted it. We know that church had incontestable authority in the Middle Ages.
It should be noted that Casinos give much more chances to win money that private games between gamblers.
In XVII century gambles have got official and legal status. Since gamblers started assemble in particular place to play together. Moreover they’ve got opportunity to play not only with each other. They started to play with their house, with casino. That was a Revolution. In this case players could win much more than they put on stake.
The real flourishing of gamble clubs started in IXX century when appeared the famous Monaco Casinos. Because of Europe restrictions all gamblers met it this princedom. Even Russian aristocrats visited this place to play with foreign gamers. Richest people of the world wasted here their fortunes.
In XX century it became possible to say that gambles was legalized. Before government just prohibited casinos but now they prefer to control it.
Just for interest in England today more than 100 casinos are registered and 21 of these are in London. In Spain all casinos were legalized in 1970, moreover it is legal to set up playing machines in the shops. In Greece casinos belong to private persons but it makes no difference concerning legality. America is famous for scope and luxury of Las-Vegas casinos but it deserves separate attention.