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In the beginning of 19 century the first gamble houses appeared in USA. Firstly the New Orleans became the “center of gambles”. In the middle of 19 century in California and at the Wild West a rush for gold blazed up. Crooked gamblers and casino holders went to the West as bottom-feeders. This time gambles was popular everywhere in each saloon people played it.
Today it seems strange but before 1940 in USA were no luxurious casinos – only low-standard gaming clubs no more. It was really dangerous to visit it. Even Las-Vegas did not mark out before 1940. Casinos here were developed with help of gangster Benjamin “Bugsy” Segal. In those years casinos were prohibited at the East of America and vice versa were lawful at the West to raise finance in the towns suffered from the Great Depression. Bugsy decided to use this opportunity and developed his legalized business. He built really chic casino in Las Vegas named Flamingo. Unfortunately Mafia closed casino right after opening and was disappointed that he wasted a lot of their money for casino building. However it became the base of gambles in Las Vegas.
Nowadays Las-Vegas is a world gamble capital with more than 50 casinos opened twenty-four-hour and without non-working days. Thirty millions gamers per year visit Las-Vegas usually. When the Assert Inn Casino was opened its founder threw out the key with the words: I won’t need it! And it’s true – the majority of Las Vegas casino works constantly.
To sum up I’d like to say that a lot of beautiful casinos appear in Nevada today. I recommend if you are more than 21 year old to visit it. They are always opened for you and you will get only positive emotions even if you waste all your money.