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Table game baccarat is one of the oldest European gamble games. The provenance of baccarat doesn`t ascertain up to now, it is France or Italy.

The main task in baccarat game is to collect card combination with 9 points or as close as possible to this number, that is maximal quantity of points in this game. Points counts in this way: ace is 1 point, card from two to nine at face value, king, queen, jack and ten give 0 points. Ten points can`t be collect because by the game rules if you collect 10 points or more, 10 points have to be subtracted of this sum. For example ace and ten will give 1 point.

The one aspect of baccarat game which can seems somewhat tangled is rules concerning third card`s drawing. Third card rule detects when player and/or banker is given with third card automatically when playing baccarat. If player`s cards have from 0 to 5 points he gets the third card, if more than 5 points collected he doesn`t. If banker collected from 0 to 4 points he gets the third card, if more than 5 – he doesn`t, if he has 5 points the decision about third card getting makes depending on player`s cards. Finally wins the stake on player who has collected more points. If banker and player have the same quantity of points, stakes on player and banker restores, the stake “Draw” wins. Stake on player pays 1 to 1, stake on banker pays 1 to 1 minus 5% commission, stake on draw pays 9 to 1 (or 8 to 1).

Like roulette, baccarat attracted admirers of different game strategies long since. As stakes choice in baccarat is scanty in contrast to roulette, the most of strategies stipulated easy stakes size changing depending on previous game results. There is no without risk of loss strategy, like in roulette game indeed. Or rather it can be says that optimal strategy is to stake on banker as casino`s advantage for bank staking is 1,06%, it is a little higher when player staking – 1,24% and 7-14% on draw.

Good luck in baccarat playing!