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Of course the handiest way of getting means from casino is remittance to your plastic card. However they will offer you this handy variant far from always. Once you`ll have to face with bank checks inevitably.

I want to notice right away that in Russia for example checks are evil… and unfortunately inevitable evil. And there are some other countries, where it is very hard to use bank checks from online casinos. Why I don`t like them so much? The matter is checks will writing out not with famous in your country bank (if you are not American) but most likely with any Bank of America, the nearest branch office of which is situated not in neighbor district as you can understand. That means that you can cash this check with local bank-agent only by taking it to encashment and spending for this unpleasant procedure from 2 weeks to 3 months.

“Check (brit. cheque) is monetary document of established form, containing order of account in credit institute owner`s about mentioned sum paying for check bearer”.

 On ordinary check you can see information on the face side which is need able for bank employees where you`ll take this check to encashment.

The other side of check is empty usually. In the part of it there is a form for transmission note – endorsement.

Cashing check from online casino

So let`s pass to the main – getting money procedure exactly. Among not American banks there are some “foremost in industry” introduced such a necessary service as accepting checks for encashment.

“Encashment (ital. incasso) is bank operation when bank on a commission from client gets due money amount on the ground of monetary-trading or calculating documents”.

Most likely if you live in not very big city you will not have big choice and you`ll have to pay about 7$ for cashing each of your checks.

Anyway you`ll have to come throw or call to all city famous banks and to ask if they take registered checks from foreign banks for encashment.

Of course every bank levies commission charges for this service, sizes of which are different too. Bank`s commission charge is usually taken as a percent from check`s monetary nominal with defined minimum if such commission. And commission charges can be levy with whole amount of shown checks or with each of them separately. Bank`s service is usually cost from 1 to 5 percent from amount mentioned in check. The will give you a hint in bank how to complete application form and other formal documents.

It have to be note here that for bank employees themselves this procedure can be new and then you can become a witness of unpleasant performance when all personnel try to understand what do you want of them and then you`ll wait for a solid hour when young teller will assimilate this new knowledge – accepting checks for encashment. Unfortunately, such is our actual…

After all you`ll get a receipt about accepting of your check with bank and information about when you can wait for payment coming of your check. It is usually (depends on “advancing” of bank and city) from 2-3 weeks to 1-3 months in small cities.

After defined time you have to get notify letter to your post address (showed when you took your check to a bank) or they`ll call you from bank with happy news about coming of your legitimate means.

Problems with checks from online casinos

As I`ve said checks are rather inconvenient thing. Besides mass of time spent for getting means they are fraught with some other snares:

  • Check can reach you in defective appearance,
  • Checks have their own limited “using date”,
  • They can easy don`t cash your check.

If they sent you defective check (even with little defect like uneven tear-off line) you can try to take it to a bank of course. But bank employees will let you know that if such a defective check couldn`t be cash on its “native land”, you wouldn`t get back paid commission. There is no need to panic. Just write to casino`s support service and explain the situation. They`ll send you new check and apologize for inconveniences and just make this defective check invalid. You can leave this funny paper with filigrees as a keepsake, but don`t try to cash it! I had the same story with one of my first checks.

Checks` due date is half a year (180 days) usually. You can find it out in each concrete case as necessary by writing a proper request to casino.

I never had cases of payment renunciation but bank employees like to frighten with it especially when you have some little defects in your check. In general this outcome is hardly probable happily.

So, what have you to know about bank checks from Internet casino:

  • Check delivers with ordinary post to your post box and reach during one-three weeks.
  • Encashment procedure can take from two weeks to two months.
  • Banks offer very different conditions for taking checks to encashment.
  • Bank check has its limited “expire date” and open to mechanical injury.