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Electronic Internet lotteries

Electronic Internet lotteries

Everybody knows that lottery is game of chance. There is always little probability that you`ll have luck. You can win but as a rule you lose. Very small part of people becomes lucky men. But to get into their category many people all over the world believing in fortune are ready to buy lottery tickets continually. And for some of them this step is reasonable however they are lucky really and the win! We don`t know which laws the fortune obey to and that`s why our success in lotteries determines with chance.
Lotteries exist for a long time rather and their organizers understand that it is rather profitable commercial step for their part. As you all know already or guess at least not whole amount from tickets sale goes to prize fund but not big part only.
Of course each lottery has its` own rules and established percent of prize fund but as a rule it doesn`t exceed 50% but then it is rarity. So where does the biggest part of amount from tickets sale go? Here I don`t want to surprise you however you know it already. The most part of this money spends for advertising, state tax, employees` pay etc. and other part is clear organizers` profit. One more time I`ll make a reservation that each lottery has its` peculiarities but these common features are applying practically for all of them.
Now we`ll go over to the description of electronic lotteries in the Internet and we`ll try to find out positive and negative sides. Looking with searchers for electronic lotteries which are carrying out in automatic mode I was disappointed extremely. Mainly for my request different casinos and games were found but not lotteries. But however something was found. Firstly let`s try to single out some main features of that what electronic lottery in the Internet have to be:
– Who wants to take part hasn`t to go to the street looking for lottery ticket. He has to go to the Internet only and buy ticket using any electronic paying system.
– Lottery drawing has to carry out in automatic mode. So when drawing begins a lottery itself has to detect winners automatically.
– Winner`s payments have to come automatically or after request.
After little analysis of founded electronic lotteries I tried to mark out and describe the one which is more or less answers with main features marked earlier. According to description on the site this lottery appeared quite not long ago. The numbers which were owned by other users can`t be choose. Each user can buy no more than twenty numbers (tickets) like these. The price of one number (ticket) is about 80 cents. Every 3 days conducts drawing between those numbers (tickets) which was bought. It means that if only 10 numbers (tickets) was bought the one of these 10 will become a winner. Prize fund composes of whole sum spent by users for buying numbers (tickets). I like here that winning chance is rather big as compared with other lotteries. Few times I tried to take part and once of them I win 1,5$ :) (the drawing was conduct between 3 persons). The gain is small of course because now there are not very many people playing there, some persons literally, but then chances are high. To take part users have to register first and then buy numbers (tickets) in personal cabinet using WebMoney. The gain will transfer you on WebMoney too or on your phone`s account (for your choice). Unfortunately there are not many such systems nowadays but we`ll hope that it is the first step to their development.
Of the above I can make the conclusion that participate in electronic lotteries is easier and handy. But all comers can organize such system, so sometimes there can be swindlers, for example such men who will conduct not accidental drawing but wittingly false way. That`s why many people prefer using proved hyped-up non electronic lotteries while. But that is temporary occurrence probably. The fact is there is no mass electronic lottery yet which is many can trust with like with ordinary lotteries. During last years Internet spread deep into our life but many people don`t risk to use electronic paying systems like WebMoney and others while and somebody don`t know about it even. Of course the time will come when situation will change and electronic money will be use more often than paper and electronic lotteries will be more successful within than ordinary.