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The review of Wanted game machine

Tomorrow I forked out for 218.20 euro owing to Wanted game machine in Europe casino. My mood felt down a little J. A didn`t have such a “successful” playing in video slots for a long time. If somebody was luckier and this video slot helped to increase money amount appreciably, it will be interesting to know details. Now I`ll describe my morning playing where I was terribly unsuccessful.

When searching for other interesting bonus games I stumble upon Wanted video slot – game machine on the subject of Wild West. In this slot America`s Wild West subject matter is used, gun shooting and lucky players can shoot in plenty during bonus game at that.

Wanted is 25-lines online playing machine available in all Internet casinos from Playtech. Of this slot`s multiline system we can already draw the conclusion that winnings on active lines will be not very high. And in my case this game machine put me out winnings too rare really making me hope only bonus games which this machine have whole two.

Playing with full stake of 2,5 euro, winning on active lines round by round couldn`t exceed my stake. Of course I can`t say that whole game was so sad for me, successful combinations figured too yet but their periodicity was 1 for 10 rotations on the average and such game course every time bring me far and far away from start deposit amount.

Bonus games in Wanted video slot

Oh, happiness! First prize game! “I`ll play the field at last!” – The thought flashed. The essence of the game is the following: after gun symbol occurring on 1 and 5 playing drums you given the opportunity to choose a criminal whom you`ll have to find on the square.

Shooting marks you have to find a place where criminal hides. Six targets – six bullets. The earlier you find a bandit throwing out the white flag, the higher will be your gain. I was not very lucky initially and I found a transgressor for the third try getting only 20 euro for catching.

During next prize game occurring I was luckier – I stumbled upon bandit immediately and was awarded with 50 euro gain for that. But these two bonus games couldn`t help me out of minus even what upset me of course! It must be admitted that there are rather small gains turned out in this video slot not only during prize lines activation but in bonus game too L.

Wanted video slot provides for one more game where in the case of 3 and more money collector`s bag symbols occurring in any place of game field, you can choose one of them and gain is decent at that. There remains only set hopes upon good luck and choose a bag with maximal gain.

I was unlucky at all and before getting of three symbols combination I had to make about 250 spins and meeting with first bonus game didn`t happen during all this time at that too. My gain in this game unfortunately was 7,5 euro only and the biggest prize was 25 euro only. And that`s all! I assure you that sometimes playing machines in online casino are more gracious to me.

Yes, it was not my day. I`m sure that lucky men are capable to snatch a large sum here as even playing with stake on 0,1 line when five identical symbols occur on one playing line, gain for the luckiest can be from 10 to 100 euro.

Let`s sum up my playing in Wanted video slot. Multiline slot keeping player in minus during game makes him hope for winning back in bonus games which occur very rare. And during bonus games Internet casino don`t hurry to fork up giving very low prize gains. That is Wild West, ladies and gentlemen!

BingoDay – Internet lotto

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