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In the world of online casinos and online gambling there is such a notion as bonus hunting and bonus hunter. Internet casino bonuses really deserve to hunt them. It often happens that bonus hunters play online bonuses not only by themselves but for all their friends and relatives, increasing in such way their profit much. Behavior manner of bonus hunter can be describe the following way:

  1. Looking for  suitable internet casino with maximal big bonus and minimal wager;
  2. Fulfillment of wager in games with minimal casino’s advantage (it is blackjack mainly);
  3. Withdrawing of money from internet casino immediately after fulfilling of minimal wager requerments;
  4. Repeating of 1-3 items up to you’ll be drive out from all online casinos.

There are some rules of behavior, which are insistently recommended to follow, if you want to win much.

1. Get maximal profit of online casino bonuses.

Always remember that in the case when internet casino offer for example 100% bonus for first deposit to 200$, and you make only 100$ deposit, then you not only don’t get 100$ bonus. No, you lose this 100$, which you can get for free absolutely – only for double deposit, than you’ve made.

If you don’t suffice money to get all 100% of offering bonus, just wait when you’ll have this missing money, and only after it make deposit, even it will happen sine week or month.

2. In casino play only blackjack.

Blackjack is the best online casino game, where game house’s advantage is minimal, so playing blackjack, for the same time you’ll lose less money than in any other game. Just learn the base strategy for game and play only according to it, no step to the side. Your intuition and forebodings will never beat inexorable game’s mathematics. Following the base strategy of blackjack you’ll minimize house’s advantage to 0,5%, meanwhile when playing any other strategy internet casino’s advantage can reach 1-3%!

I agree that blackjack can seem not as fascinating as poker for example or game machines with seven-digit progressive jackpot. However don’t yield to temptation if your case is earn but not entertain. Among other good internet casino games, where a house has acceptable advantage before player, the following can be mark out:

  • “Jacks or Better” video poker;
  • Baccarat;
  • Pay-go poker.

3. Losing in casino, don’t raise stakes.

If you use base strategy for fulfilling wager in blackjack, be successive in your game – play on minimal stake till wager’s end. As there is no guaranty that after stakes raising winning period will come. In any game winning and losing series happen, and it’s impossible to foretell them. Not to experience yourself drama effect of “roller coasters” which your bank will jump on, just stick to Base strategy and minimal stakes.

4. Be disciplined when playing in casino.

The task bonus hunter is first to fulfill wager requirements and withdraw bonus, or its’ part, from online casino. The best way for it is to play blackjack or stick to base strategy. However not everyone is able to play 6-8 hours on 1$ stakes. Bores, want to have sharp sense, want to finish with wager finally! All these temptations are the worse enemies for bonus-hunter. Of course, there will be cases when yielding to temptation and beginning to stake 50-100$, you’ll win really much. However, I insure you, there will be much more cases when you’ll lose.

I’ll mark here too often happens situation of “last dollar”. Let us suppose that you have win 498$. I’m sure that you wouldn’t like this sum. So, what would you do? You will, like any other player, try to bring gain to round 500$ and more… If you could know how much money was lose (including me) with many people in pursuit for this “last dollar”. Don’t be greedy – 1-2$ don’t have decisive significance. Let your gain be 498$, and not 500$. You must admit that it is better than full zero.

5.      Don’t play after you’ve asked money to withdraw.

One more way for online casino to catch your money is withdrawing of money with some late. Not everyone practices such procedure, but it can be meet really often. It happens that gains cash only since 5 days after you’ve made a request for withdrawing. Meanwhile management hopes that you’ll abolish request and will back to game.

You haven’t to do it because of one easy reason – remember, you have an advantage over casino only when you play bonus. When wager fulfilled already and bonus is filly yours (you have right to withdraw it from your account), since that moment you play on your money already, and advantage is situated in online casino’s side now. That is of course by no means advantageous for you – you’ll lose with rather long playing.

Of course, during your next visit to this (or another, it doesn’t matter)casino you can lose all the same, but in this case losing will delay to next time, and now you’ll get moral satisfaction from current winning.

6.      Be vigilant when playing casino.

In operating with internet casino, you always have to be on the alert. Before each deposit in any new game institution check carefully “Terms&Conditions” section. Even if you’ve played here recently – it is always necessary to check changes in rules! You of course don’t want to face with the situation, when new rules like wager size 100 x bonus or impossibility to withdraw earnings to plastic card will become absolute surprise for you, however everything was not so scares only yesterday. According to rules of any internet casino they haven’t to inform you at all about any change of Terms&Condition section, so it is always better to be overcautious.

However there are pleasant surprises in online casino always. For example all casinos regularly make post delivery with current promo-offers for existing players – watch over them, sometimes there can be hide real brilliants! And in addition to all – it happens that some online casinos suddenly add to your empty account small without deposit casino bonuses, to make you back for game. It is worth to use such offers too.

7.      Know your rights and don’t be shy to use them.

In the case of come misunderstanding of your side or of the side of online casino, you can always use services of free support for regulation of situation. You can call free international phone, send e-mail, talk in chat on institution’s site.

On any interested question, you doubt in – always address for help to internet casino\s support service. You questions can concern bonuses, wager, deposit, earnings withdraw and anything other what concerns to internet casino’s working.

It is rather easy to win in online casino if to stick to these simple rules and settings. However, remember that these rules wrote for bonus-hunting – action, where there is no place for entertainment.

If your case in casino is rest exactly, you can stick only to some of these rules, or even ignore them. Anyway, I wish you good luck in this exciting business – conquering of internet casino!