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One can say that love for freebie is inherent among people. Let them say that free cheese can be only in mousetrap – everyone wants to get bi-ig dividends with minimal costs. That`s how different lotteries, sales and other events “catch” people.
Many casinos offer players bonuses – but not free. As a rule, you have to put on casino`s account a defined amount first. Some of them offer such bonuses for nothing, gratis. We`ll talk about it in following articles, and here we`ll look throw two types of without-deposit bonuses – for getting them you haven’t to put money on casino`s account before. One of without-deposit bonus types is bonus for registration. You get such bonus by registration in these casino only (in some cases you need a number of your credit card) – and bonus from casino goes to your account (under 25 dollars). These bonus can`t take off your account immediately, you`ll have to stake a defined amount, which is more than bonus amount (usually for 30-40 times). Let us suppose that registration bonus was 10 dollars. You can take this money only after staking no less than 300 dollars – and card games, roulette, baccarat or dices don`t take into consideration at that. In some casinos in stipulates for slots themselves or slots` types even (the example of very original conditions – you can play only one type of slot, and take money if you get jackpot only, but no more than 10 percents from its account). Minimal/maximum gain is limit too.
Let`s suppose, amount from 50 to 100 dollars can be stipulate, you can withdraw this amount. If you, in spite of everything, could keep all conditions nevertheless, and win with it – we congratulate you sincerely! Unfortunately not all casinos, where without-deposit bonuses credit, are notable with honesty, and you can remain without well-deserved reward. There are only several casinos, where CIS people can play, giving without-deposit bonuses. I personally won just once on without-deposit bonus and could withdraw a little amount.
Not long ago one more chance for getting without-deposit bonus appeared. One of game portals conducts monthly vote in several nominations. Is it bad for playing institution to be in “Best casino” nomination? And if players don`t want to vote voluntarily, one can by their voices. And casinos introduced bonuses for voting. Mechanism is very easy: you vote for casino and sometimes later you get bonus on your account. Bonus amount usually is from five to twenty five dollars and conditions of its recoupment is the same or some easier like conditions of registration bonus recoupment. Though in certain casino you can withdraw money only when win more than two thousand dollars. I personally know the only one case of such winning, and this kind of bonuses thousands players get.
Bonuses for voting are spreading more and more, but often only players who contributed deposit in this casino earlier can get them. There are a lot of casinos where without-deposit bonuses are offering, but a quantity of such ones where gamers from Russia and CIS can play is smallish. And there are less casino – no more than five – where conditions are acceptable and payments are guaranteed for Russians.
So, without-deposit bonuses are not 100-percent way to enrich oneself. You`ll hardly win even a hundred dollars. However you are risking not too much. One can compare free bonuses with park amusements (ones where you have to throw a ring on a little pole) or Shrovetide funs when there are prizes on a top of pole for everyone who reaches them. You waste your time, strength (and small amount) and if you`re lucky you can win something.
For me personally without-deposit bonus is good way to get acquaintance with casino and to fill up my account a little, but I shouldn`t consider it the main source of income.