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Game business in USA developed so that only Macao can be compare with it, where gamble industry became the life`s base. But to please moral principles and politics power Americans can forbid casino easy.

Game business history in USA has two important “critical” stages, it is reach of forbidden periods and permissions of gambling but so long as there are quite a lot states and each of them has a right to regulate a part of laws by itself it was always happened that even in one-two states gambling was permit.

The history of casino on the border of America and Mexico can be considered as especially full and long one. Not far away from this border, in Nevada desert appeared casino-city Las-Vegas called world gambling capital till nowadays.

One interesting research tells about how much Americans love gambling. It appears that gambling stands on third place by Americans` costs after audio, video, computer and publish periodic. And it spends on casino playing no less than on all mentioned types of leisure.

However it can`t be said exactly that costs on gambling really bring up this three. Taking into account that lotteries, bingo, stockbrokerage and other types of getting adrenalin can be rate as gambling too results will change appreciably.

Since long ago there are confrontation in country between supporters of prohibition and gamble games` permission. Everything is clear with game permission – game institutions` owners yearly give more than half of their profit as taxes, and it means that casinos were and stay “milk cows” of state.

And gambling opponents appeal Christian norms and life`s foundations in society, remind about high crime in states where game business prospers, cite statistics according to which a third of country`s population consider gamble game as absolutely amoral occurrence. Their protests have real force – in some states billionaire Steve Winn in 90th years of past century couldn`t build new casinos though he spent many millions to prong his interests.

This confrontation evidently will be long and vain for both sides. On the one part in USA casinos paying taxes wouldn`t be close. On the other part slowly but correctly moral`s upholders win over span by span of former liberties. For example quietly and peacefully on America`s territory online casinos were prohibited as offshore registered enterprises not bringing money to treasury.

Real casinos are no danger yet however any priorities fluctuation in state`s internal policy can immediately affect on gamble sphere. Alas, politic system in USA is too populist and trying to draw attention from vital problems the government can well make pompous war with gambling once.