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Well, there are advices. Advices of worldly-wise for young and callow. This article was about to happen because of it`s evident necessity, and here is it, ripens.
I`ll notice in the beginning of it, that some advices can seem strange or even naïve, superfluous for you, as the matter is about elementary things. But, in all conscience, what players do remember diligently about these elementary things, game axioms? That`s right, nobody. Or only a few. So, join. There is full list of elementary rules of success for your attention.
1. Don`t ignore “Rules” section in Internet-casino, even if you are frequent customer. Not to mention of newcomers to a portal. Don`t spare a time for studying these clauses. It may sometimes safe you of big losses.
2.  Bonuses. Experienced players not without reason consider bonus system almost the main criterion when choosing “their” casino. Bonus gives you an appreciable and obvious advantage in spite of money ephemerality in bonuses. Use it, study and win.
3. Don`t be lazy to learn base strategies of games you`re interested in. Of course, it doesn`t give guarantees for full ingolden and momentary millions at all, but as a minimum, helps to avoid silly mistakes and improve chances for success.
4. It`s important not only how you are playing but where you`re playing too. Don`t forget that there are hundreds and hundreds institutions with doubtful reputation lurk in the network avid for make good at your expense. It`s not worth to give them such a possibility, play in proved casinos only.
These basic truths have to become postulates. So life will become easier and winning – simpler. However, you haven`t to forget about annoying mistakes, preventing from reaching of desired result. Let`s look throw them and endeavor not to make something like these.
1. No superstitions! Fortune is pure correlation of mathematics and professionalism on equal proportions. Other has no right for existing.
2. Emotions solve nothing. It doesn`t matter how much they are crying on any corner, that a player in gloomy mood has to lose surely, meanwhile shine brightly optimist will win for sure, it is not true. Mathematics is deeply spiting upon your soul condition, she is cynical lady.
3. “Feeling game” is the way to fail. Remember, even if random numbers generator behaves strange at any rate, even if it seems that strategy is pointless now, don`t digress from it on a step even, it doesn`t matter how big is the temptation. The only considered strategy is mathematics` own daughter; it is able to tame rising fortune.
4. Loosing streak – is annoying trifle but not indicator of casino`s dishonorableness. Yes, it happens. A solid unlucky streak. Or just mathematics calculation not in your favour. But it doesn`t mean that it will continue always. Advancing one will manage a road.
And some more postulates for new ones. It isn`t postulates even but prohibitions. Remember, whatever happens, never…
1. Don`t play on ephemeral money. It means money which will just be, but they are not available. Guarantee of calm sleep is playing on such means, when you don`t turn grey while losing them.
2. Don`t play on gain, which you haven’t get at your disposal. You`ll lose these money 99 cases of 100. A player flying with recently success loosing iron self-control, going back step of the strategy and rolling to the minus confidently. Get your money to your hands, breath and let`s go – to the new round.
3. Don`t play in casino after you withdrawal a gain. Reasons are the same. It`s not worth to hurry. The world is multidimensional and of many faces, don`t be obsessed with game. If you`ll leave like a winner today, it will let you enjoy with many positive emotions. If you`ll gamble away desired money tempting, only disappointment and vexation will remain. They are not best concomitants.
4. Don`t try to recoup yourself. It has fatal consequences sometimes. Minus drag you further, like covering with avalanche of disappointment, anger and loss. Players often lose control when trying to take back depriving and find themselves on the verge of ruin.
Feeling uselessness of trying to get out of minus, it`s better to stop this game. Ability to stop in time and leave is whole art, grasping of which will preserve a lot of money and nerve cells for you.
5. Don`t seek round numbers. Yes, 287 dollars but not 300 were won, but is it so principal really? Nobody abolished grandmother`s tale about bird in the hand and two in the bush yet. Take honestly won and be glad. Not “beauty” of a gain is important but it`s presence.
6. Don`t pass by west portals. They have richer history than Russian analogs for example, and bonus policy is more valuable in such institutions.
That`s all, I think. Simply, ingenious and understandably enough. Compliance of these easy rules will safeguard you against disappointment bitterness and will make a game more intelligent and successful