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Each poker round starts from dealer appointment. Each player from the table becomes dealer and then gives this chance to player sitting on the right.
For example if you now distribute the cards next time the player sitting on the right will do it. Dealer gets the pack and reshuffles it. Each player brings in ante. It’s special fee which gives you opportunity to play the next game. If you don’t bring in ante you are just sitting out. These sums of money are placed in the center of the table (in the pot). When the ante has been put dealer starts to distribute the cards one by one for each player while each has five cards. Players receive their cards and evaluate their hands. Player sitting on the left of dealer starts the game. He can make a bid, pass (do not make a bid) or refuse the game and fold (take the cards off).

The next player sitting on the left does the same. If he decides to make a bid he should call this bid to confirm it. Also he can raise the bit in case he considers that the situation acquires changes. He can do it only before the dealer confirms the bet. So each player including dealer makes the personal decision. If the dealer receive amounts of bids players should call their bids to continue the game. All raises are not available now. Now players can discard all or some cards in hope they will collect the better hand.

If player requires the cards replacement the dealer should give him new cards. But the cards of course should be hidden. The next round players anew continue or stop playing (call of fold the game) and all procedures repeat again.

In the final of the game players make a Showdown. After the final round players open their hands to show cards combination they have collected. Players compare these combinations and the “best hand” receives the pot. If two players (sometimes it happens) have the equal card combinations the pot is splitting for two players 50/50.