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Indeed there are no successful and popular Internet casino with have self-devised base and which don`t give license to other casino sites remain till nowadays.

“The last of Mohicans” was Global Player Internet casino which firstly passed to BossMedia soft in May 2007 and then closed at all after half a year.

Of course I don`t even consider all these thousands of pseudo-casinos with WM prefix flooded Internet.

So, what is “Internet casino with its own soft” as I understand? It is online casino which has gaming platform in one copy or has network of no more than five different (popular and fail-safe) online casinos.

About three years ago there were rather a lot of similar casinos, I cited the e first example, but the main example was Casino-on-net then famous as else. Its soft famous with names Cassava and Random Logic was represented only in this casino. However as the company itself, brand`s owner, applied a lot of efforts to its publicity campaign, it is no wonder that soon first licensees appeared represented by Lucky Ace Casino & Poker. And in 2008 such world-famous and very respectable brand as Littlewoods passed to this soft.

What are preferences and peculiarities of this type of casino? They are already nothing, I`ll say if one is to judge. If earlier for bearing a competition with mega-monsters like Microgaming on-net casino had the lowest wager (it had to stake deposit and bonus sum twice only!), it is not so appreciably now and however it is one of the lowest yet

From special advantages I`d like to mark out presence of unique authentic games which you can find in one or two similar casinos only and, however strange it is, but always high technical service level.

In tote, similar casinos don`t inferior in safe level and reputation now to “mass” platforms, and somewhere even excel them.