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It’s not a secret for us that poker is one of the most popular games nowadays. It appeared five centuries ago nearby in XI century as scientists suppose now. Firstly the gamble appeared in Europe to be more precise in was popular in France, Italy and Spain. At that time the rules had some differences and commonly it was announcement of players’ stakes and comparison of cards combinations. Person who had the biggest combination was a winner. With the lapse of time the rules acquired changes while the modern poker appeared as large as life. It has got all recent varieties and rules.
Poker was brought in America from Europe during colonization. Here it became national gamble and here exactly people start to play it with 52 cards. Today it is one of the most popular games not only in USA but all over the world. Poker was the first gamble appeared in casinos which were then developing rapidly. Starts from the last century “club poker” was born and acquired its popularity. In that game gamblers played not versus croupier but versus each other. Today there are more than ten kinds of club poker exist which are different from each other with the insignificant features. But all it have the one aim to get the biggest combination of 3 or 5 cards.
Interesting facts:

In 1963 in the popular Las Vegas Grand Royal casino located in USA was fixed the biggest winning in Poker with Joker. Someone with name Jason Kamuela staked maximum on ante (it is $5000) and then exchange one spade Royal Flush card. He exchanges his spade ace for Joker (It should be noted that in Royal Flush Joker is exchanged only for spade ace) and wins (according payout rate 1:100) $1 000 000. People say not without purpose that of course it’s nice to win something in roulette or black jack but only in poker you can win your “assets”.