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People who have never been to casino are sure that this institution`s space crams with roulette tables. If you`ll ask a man to name something what is associated with gambling he will say “Roulette!” without long thinking.

Meanwhile game halls frequenters know that roulette tables don`t stand out against tables for other gamble games and casino gets the main profit not out of showy roulette by no means but out of banal game playing machines.

But such is the custom – roulette became the symbol of all-absorbing excitement and passion for game long ago. And victory procession of roulette started not today and not yesterday.

Fatal roulette history

Roulette invention ascribing to French mathematician and philosopher Pascal, who supposedly invented it for some scientific purposes, and his clever friends guessed to use this invention in the purpose of profit already.

There is another more mystical version of roulette appearance – some Parisian sold his sole to devil and the evil one paid him with the roulette secret. That is why, this hypothesis supporters affirm, the total sum of all numbers on roulette is 666. Check it yourself – funny coincidence, is not it?

Be that as it may in reality, but the roulette exactly, or rather the principle it was founded on, made the game incredibly popular all over Europe from the beginning of its existing till nowadays.

By the way there were not 38 but 40 sockets in roulette originally – three sockets were marked as “Zero” and gain went in favour of institution, bringing enormous profit.

The incredible flourishing of Monaco principality connect with the roulette appearance – the first casino appeared there in 1861 but real game boom began few years later after closing of all game houses in the rest of Europe. Rich people who had time to “get hooked” on game by that time came to Monte-Carlo by crowds where the big game palace was build by that time.

Roulette appeared in USA in 1800 for the first time, brought by emigrants from France and was appropriately. Risky people from all over the world opening up Wild West were always not indifferent to competitions with Fortune and there were no end of wishing to try one`s luck. Totally, history of American roulette in 19 century in full measure repeated the European history – the roulette was forbidden and allowed again, then limitations were introduced and all forbids was stopped after all. The famous Jack London`s tale “Baby sees dreams” is about American roulette too.

Roulette and mistakes of Fortune

Everywhere wherever roulette appeared it became source of serious passions and catalyst of real tragedies – very many said that there is something devilish in this game device. So what is the secret of unrestrained roulette attraction, its intoxicating magic and mystery which drives crazy sometimes?

May be the case is that roulette is to the limit honest and gives a man the main – free of will and choice? Player sees how a game goes; he sees winning numbers and decides himself what number he will stake on. Player himself determines stake size and can take his gain immediately and in the case of loss he has a possibility to win back immediately.

With other words roulette is a model of human`s life, giving a player a possibility to make his decisions himself and control a process without possibility to influence a result. And every time, almost every time a man stays sure that he made everything right, that he made it, almost made it, it remains only to try one more time and good luck will be with him.

Except this psychological snare the majority of players inevitably find themselves under numbers magic, which mystic nature ancient mathematicians talked about yet.

It is significant that attempts to apply purely scientific theoretical attitude to roulette began immediately after its appearance. Over centuries of roulette existence a lot of scientific, half-scientific and pseudo-scientific works appeared, from games theory developing to books with enviable constancy proclaimed an appearance of game “safe system” which guarantees roulette conquering.

Statistic advantage of game institution fluctuates from 1,35% to 2,7% – and these small figures time after time induce new generations of players to invent strategies which allow to conquer this “not at all fatal” advantage. And this is the main roulette illusion, its main trial. Meanwhile any competent mathematician, if he doesn`t intend to pull your leg, will say – mathematical advantage of roulette is invincible. But this boring fact has never keep somebody from a game yet!

It is not known exactly when and who did think up the idea to “help” roulette to deliver necessary result, but we can be absolutely sure that such attempts began simultaneously with the roulette appearance almost. Because it corresponds very much with human`s nature – if it is impossible to foretell a result correctly you can try to “program” it beforehand.

A book can be written about ways of roulette underhand – and it will be a very fascinating reading. From endless stories about banal chips stealing from table neighbors and “late stakes” when chips add to winning number secretly, to players with casino dealers collusion.

Of course there were and there is mass of attempts to beat roulette with the help of different technique devices – dishonest casino owners 50-30 years ago yet could use different magnets, fixates, needles, secret button etc.

Swindlers from players` side didn`t lag behind progress – it is known the case with whole group of scientists who have fixed ball`s position in dropping moment with the help of mini-camera and computer. Then smarty-pants calculated the sector where a ball occurred after wale stop with the greatest probability and wined oftener than usually.

Some years before in Britain others no less refined players hit under the court for using laser scanner when playing roulette which helped to foretell winning sectors. However the court exempted from liability swindlers who won large amounts in British casino – it became clear that neither country law forbidden using of technique devices when playing.

In this aspect whole roulette history is a history of invisible to the world fight of casino owners and swindlers. Of course, like any other game, where a chance is determinative, roulette couldn`t be coated with enormous quantity of myths, signs and superstitions.

They talk about roulette, like about any other game, that drunkard and fool are lucky there, and accidental player has much more chances – those who one minute ago didn`t have in his mind to join the game.

By the way the author had a possibility to try this sign with herself. Once I was lazy playing black jack in demo mode when one acquaintance girl came to my house to friendship tea. I came to the kitchen to see what is with tea there and the girl stayed in the room for three minutes in private with opened online casino program. As my game went in demo-mode I didn`t worry about anything. After one-minute bustles in the kitchen I was back to my friend to catch the moment when she staked 100$ for number 30 in roulette. Only after some moments after the ball felt to the set with the digit 30, red, I noticed the sign “PLAY FOR REAL” on top. When and how the girl switched the game mode was not important yet…

Experienced players before join a game observing for a long time and choose the most successful player. After these they are waiting patiently when lucky one will finish game and take his place immediately. They apparently suppose that Ms Fortune is weak-sighted and wouldn`t immediately look into that somebody other took her favor’s place.

If successful player don`t hurry to go away from a table experienced man seek to place his chips over his hoping that he will get a “piece of happiness”.

One more sign and superstition which players seek to follow is that money intended for game is put to separate pocket and they say it good bye beforehand. Capricious Fortune can think that you are geared for loss, make a decision for her – and will make it by her way.

Roulette in online casino

When the talk turned to online gambling than the most excitable game is clearly virtual roulette in virtual casino. There are no “admixtures and side effects” – your luck doesn`t influenced with signs, doesn`t influenced with croupier`s likableness or not likeableness, his ball dropping manner etc. In other words you stay face to face with Fortune and get the best chances to know how favour is she to you today.

Finishing this little excursus to roulette`s life and history, I’d like to mark some features, each player have to remember by all means. Trying to beat roulette you enter the confrontation not with game institution but with mathematical laws and 200-years experience of game institutions immutable profit. That`s why it have to understand clear that playing in roulette is excellent way to tickle your nerves and try your luck, but as the way of daily earnings roulette makes sense only in one case – if you are the owner of game site.

Meanwhile Internet is good besides everything other with that you can practice any gamble game for free any time.