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Today the online casino which is also known as virtual casinos is becoming very popular among internet gamblers which enable them to play and wager on casino games through the Internet. It is more convenient than land based casinos but reliability and trust are often questioned. Many online casinos develop their software from software companies like microgaming, real-time gaming and playtech. There are three types of online casinos. The first one being web based online casinos, where the gamblers can go to the website and open the gambling games with the help of browser plug-ins like macromedia flash or java. The second one is known as download based online casinos where the gamblers need to download software client to play the games. The online casino software connects to the main casino service provider and helps internet gamblers to play games. The third and last one is live based casinos where web players play games on internet website like real environment casinos. In this type of casinos they can talk and interact with casino dealers in casino studios worldwide.
Fraud behavior has been witnessed very often from online casinos where they don’t pay the winning money to their customers and these kinds of casinos have been termed as rogue casinos. These kinds of casinos delay the withdrawal of money to their customers in the hope that they will play the game till they don’t loose all their money. So me other rogue casinos delay the payment of money by applying unfair terms of their house rules “Elka” system/Oyster Gaming and Casino bar are online casino software which have been found in the guilt of fraud and cheat.
Today online casinos are offering large sum of money to get more gamblers so that they join their network and they are even willing to loose some money in the beginning, hoping that they would recover the loss in the future.