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If to speak about game business, swindling theme in this sphere suggests itself. We decided to try learn reader how to beat casino or at least use some casino`s features for their freebie.

Players’ deception in casino. The most spread way is “rupture”. Any just opened casino is trying for “rupture” and four men usually go there. Two of them sit for poker table; one is near them like interested viewer and fourth walking the hall like strolling customer. Casino poker has its name conditionally only. Bluffing, suppressing with money, making cards exchange is impossible here and dealer`s combination compares with player`s combination. Swindlers attract with that you can take cards in hands (in contrast to Black Jack). In some moment when stake is rather high strolling swindler attract the attention of observing for two-three tables manager. At the same time gang member observing the game distracts dealer in some way. We haven’t to forget about cams (in casinos where they exist). In fraud moment game has to go on few tables which disperse the attention of controller sitting near monitors. If everything will make synchronously and clear two players have time to interchange cards with magician`s adroitness in such way that one of them composes strong combination in hands.

According to our information “rupture” brigade beat “Metropol” casino on some ten thousand dollars. And swindlers` qualification was so high at that, that only game record viewing in slowly regime gave possibility to see card interchange moment. Swindlers usually appeared after one-two days to see if they were figured out. In the case of “Metropol” they were admitted to playing but were put under strict control and tried to take back maximal part of recent loss.

The second spread swindling is “guest” chip cashing. In each solid casino regular customer can expect to some free chips which are given by casino for drawing into game. In many casinos of the world this practice introduce for all clients absolutely. In Russia casino “Lux” tried to answer world standards. Here client got five more chips from casino besides chips paid as entrance fee. It have to be say that this chips can`t be cash straight – they have to visit playing table by all means. Soon one “jack of all trades” became a frequent visitor in “Lux” who brought with him 5-6 men, paid for their entry and then company made roulette stakes which ensure the zero result (for example half of them staked on black and half on red). Chips from the table were back weighty already and profit was guest chips which were not paid initially. Sometimes casino club members are given to guest chips cashing but considered unpresentable generally.

One more roulette swindling consists in having time to move chip on wined number in the moment when ball stops and dealer said “There is no more stakes!” Recently group of Italians who were engaged in these was literally moved from Moscow. They went by proved scheme with attraction of croupier`s and manager`s attention, and as a rule had time to stake on winning square`s border a pile of chips at that, where the lowest one was the biggest. Dealer moved a pile of small chips to him with spittle and the biggest stayed on necessary field. In casino it is not done to argue in such cases: chip stands, so you have to pay.

“Group with fingerings” is remembered also, which was bombed Moscow casinos about two years ago. They wearied rings allowing marking cards (when playing poker) with almost invisible strokes. It is possible to fight against them only with organizational ways that`s why nowadays in solid casinos dealer stands on one table 20 minutes and man coming to his replace open new pack.

Finally whole swindling group connects with personnel. Peculiarity of Russian casinos is that there is a lot of young and pretty girls work as dealers (in Europe they are elderly solid men as a rule). From time to time clients succeed to involve one of them to joint activity for turning over this game institution. They fight against it also systemic: “looking for tables” watches dealers, shift manager watches them, general manager watches managers, director watches the last and one more man sits in viewing room above them all, whose task is to detect any suspicious activity.

Freebie in casino. In casinos (not everywhere but in many of them) all drinks and appetizers are given players for free. If you`ll contrive to order alcohol and walking near playing tables leisurely without attracting attention for you, sometimes stop and make a show of you or your good friends are playing, you can drink and get a bite good.

In many casinos for clients` (players) comfort there are currency exchanges. For players attraction sometimes buying rate is equal with sale dollar rate and conforms to the lowest rate in the city as a rule. If you want to buy currency, that way is one of the most profitable.

Endnote: all “freebies” are better to use when big crowds of players gather in casino.