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In the antique Roma and Greece gambles was popular only in bath houses and taverns. The separate gamble houses appeared later in medieval Europe. The word Casino became from Italy and means small country house or private club where people came to play. Before XVII century these playing houses was only private and illegal. Especially church censured and persecuted it. We know that church had incontestable authority in the Middle Ages.
It should be noted that Casinos give much more chances to win money that private games between gamblers.
In XVII century gambles have got official and legal status. Since gamblers started assemble in particular place to play together. Moreover they’ve got opportunity to play not only with each other. They started to play with their house, with casino. That was a Revolution. In this case players could win much more than they put on stake.
The real flourishing of gamble clubs started in IXX century when appeared the famous Monaco Casinos. Because of Europe restrictions all gamblers met it this princedom. Even Russian aristocrats visited this place to play with foreign gamers. Richest people of the world wasted here their fortunes.
In XX century it became possible to say that gambles was legalized. Before government just prohibited casinos but now they prefer to control it.
Just for interest in England today more than 100 casinos are registered and 21 of these are in London. In Spain all casinos were legalized in 1970, moreover it is legal to set up playing machines in the shops. In Greece casinos belong to private persons but it makes no difference concerning legality. America is famous for scope and luxury of Las-Vegas casinos but it deserves separate attention.