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The Black Jack is a game between gambler and dealer. There are two ways to win. First of all player can collect the cards to get the sum of twenty one or nearest to 21 kit of cards but not more. Player also has the other opportunity to win. With any sum of points (not more 21) he can pass his lead in case he considers that competitor will get more than 21 points and lose the game. The winner is specified according to these rules in Black Jack. Also exists the winning card combination – first cards should be “Ace” and “Ten”.
When you play Black Jack you should understand that result of your game depends not only on your fortune but on strategy which you decided to follow. Each your step can effect on the result of game. If you always remember it you can efficiently use already existent Black Jack strategies. There are several rules which you can use to minimize the probability of losing.
For example if player already has 12 points or more he is afraid to get “ten” and stops to take cards. He is mistaken because this way he increases his chances to lose for 4%. Sometimes players try to repeat dealer’s leads. It will be their mistake again because in this case when they receive cards while they get 17 points they are wasting their chance to win for benefit of casino. In the result of such activity the chances of casino raise to 5.5% to be more precise that’s double more than in roulette!
If you’d like to try to play Black Jack I’d like to familiarize you with following standardized strategy which will help you to minimize you risks.

online blackjakc rules

H – Hit (one more card),

S – Stand (pass, give lead for dealer),

D – Double stake, if it’s impossible just take one more card,

Ds – Double stake, if it’s impossible – stand or pass,

P – Split cards,

H/P – Split cards if it’s possible to double after, in other case take one more card,

H/R – Surrender, if it possible, in other case take one more card,

A – Ace

If you learn this strategy by heart you are able to win something in Black Jack and in this case you can rely on your fortune! It will help you for sure.