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Black Jack is one of the most popular card games in casino. There are several reasons of this popularity. The main reasons are accessible game rules and simplicity of the card calculation strategy. Moreover there are a lot of chances to win. In Black Jack casino’s chances to win more only for 0,5%!
In spite of obvious attractiveness for gamblers Black Jack acquire this prevalence in casinos not so rapidly. Firstly casino holders had to attract players to the game by the range of different bonuses and discounts.
The base of Black Jack was “vingt-et-un” card game also known as “twenty one” It was really popular in French gamble clubs in the middle of IXX century. The rules of this game had some difference but in general it was the same as in modern Black Jack. People often use these two names as synonyms. Two sides participate in this game – gambler and dealer (casino staff, man who distributes the cards). The player’s target is to collect more points than dealer have but not more 21 points.
Undoubtedly Black Jack is the most popular gamble in each casino whether it’s Las-Vegas or one of internet casinos. Today we can say that it is impossible to win in Black Jack if you don’t understand basic playing techniques. For this purpose there are a lot of free of charge Black Jack trainers exist in the internet. Here you can play Black Jack with virtual money trying development and implementation of personal strategy in practice.