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The best free casino bonuses

Here you`ll find the information about types of free casino bonuses, how to get bonuses when you register, what conditions and limitations on stakes do exist in Internet casino for free bonuses. How to learn distinguishing of casino bonuses and how not to lose whole deposit playing on casino bonuses.

Casino bonuses. Perhaps, nowadays nobody can amaze with free casino bonuses. If you have played casino once at least or just visit their site, you already know what it is.

Casino bonuses are type of advertizing-enticing encouragements offering in Internet casino called up for inciting a player for game in this concrete casino exactly for real money. As all bonuses are given only if player has registered real casino account the purpose of bonuses is accordingly player`s stimulation for real money game.

Types of casino bonuses. All casino bonuses offering in Internet casino now can be divided to two main groups:

Without deposit casino bonuses – player has not to perform deposit for getting them. Such bonuses are without deposit casino bonuses during registration, bonuses for voting, refer-a-friend bonuses and free-time without deposit bonuses.

Deposit casino bonuses – you have to perform a defined deposit for getting them and bonus will be plus to your real account (to special bonus account oftener) in casino. This type of bonuses are the majority of free casino bonuses – fixed and percent bonus for first deposit, without risk bonuses, monthly bonuses, bonuses for special deposit method (moneybookers bonus, webmoney bonus).

Advantages of casino bonuses.

Beside of its commercial essence casino bonus has some positive features for player also though there is less last time.

–         First, player who get bonus has larger bank and consequently more chances to win. And besides you`ll spend more time playing, get more pleasure, more adrenaline, and more everything that you can get from real money game.

–         Second, free casino bonuses give a possibility to diminish loss risk considerably. By competent estimating of strength, stakes size and requirements about minimal stakes level for getting bonus (wager) player can seriously secure his deposit from loss. If you wouldn`t go over bonus sum limits and implement minimal game level (wager) surely, you will considerably secure money introduced to casino. And therefore you`ll get pleasure from game and possibility to win casino`s money.

Without deposit casino bonuses. Some casinos offer their players to get bonus without deposit after casino loading and real account registration, to try game for real money in this casino. Usual size of without deposit bonus is during registration is from 5$ to 50$, rarer 70$.

Bonuses for voting. This type of casino bonuses offer for their registered players for their voting for concrete casino on defined site in one or some nominations. It is often different votes made by popular online casino magazines.

Refer a Friend Bonus. Everything is easy with this bonus. You have to register in casino and send your friend invitation from casino cashier (cash or bank) section by e-mail. When he will register, make a deposit, they will make over 50$ to your account without deposit from your side. And he will be adding with a half also.

Free time without deposit casino bonus. New type of bonuses, Microgaming casinos mainly offer it. The essence of the bonus is the following: you download casino soft by special link, open special account and they charge you a defined amount – it is usually from 250$ to 1000$ without deposit. After it, you are given with time, it is 1 hour usually, during which you can play on these money. Everything you`ll win during this hour over this amount, they`ll remit to your real casino account.

Casino bonus for first deposit. The most popular, most spread and may be the most important bonus while choosing Internet casino. There is fixed type of bonuses – when you are add with fixed amount to your first deposit and its size doesn`t depend on your deposit size. Percent casino bonus – in this case you are add with determined percent depends on deposit amount, it is usually 50% or 100%, that means that if you made 50 dollars deposit, you`ll be add with 50 more with 100% bonus, if you made more than 100, you`ll be add with 100 dollars of casino bonus more. In one`s turn these bonuses can be fully withdrawing off and can be phantom (“sticky”).

Without risk casino bonuses. This type of bonuses as such, as they were in the beginning in cryptologic casinos, doesn`t found nowadays practically. But it appeared a type of “safety” without risk casino bonuses, which are pay for player when he loses his first or following deposits.

Monthly bonuses. Many casinos offer monthly bonuses to stimulate players for regular game. It is obligatory for those who are looking for casino for regular playing to take into account presence of monthly bonuses. As if you`ll like this casino monthly bonuses are to the point for prolonging a pleasure of game.

Bonuses for special deposit method. A lot of online casinos offer percent bonuses for deposits made with the help of electronic paying system. Eo ipso casinos compensate player`s possible costs for money remittance to casino and stimulate using of alternative (for credit cards) paying systems.

The rules of Black Jack and basic strategies

The Black Jack is a game between gambler and dealer. There are two ways to win. First of all player can collect the cards to get the sum of twenty one or nearest to 21 kit of cards but not more. Player also has the other opportunity to win. With any sum of points (not more 21) he can pass his lead in case he considers that competitor will get more than 21 points and lose the game. The winner is specified according to these rules in Black Jack. Also exists the winning card combination – first cards should be “Ace” and “Ten”.
When you play Black Jack you should understand that result of your game depends not only on your fortune but on strategy which you decided to follow. Each your step can effect on the result of game. If you always remember it you can efficiently use already existent Black Jack strategies. There are several rules which you can use to minimize the probability of losing.
For example if player already has 12 points or more he is afraid to get “ten” and stops to take cards. He is mistaken because this way he increases his chances to lose for 4%. Sometimes players try to repeat dealer’s leads. It will be their mistake again because in this case when they receive cards while they get 17 points they are wasting their chance to win for benefit of casino. In the result of such activity the chances of casino raise to 5.5% to be more precise that’s double more than in roulette!
If you’d like to try to play Black Jack I’d like to familiarize you with following standardized strategy which will help you to minimize you risks.

online blackjakc rules

H – Hit (one more card),

S – Stand (pass, give lead for dealer),

D – Double stake, if it’s impossible just take one more card,

Ds – Double stake, if it’s impossible – stand or pass,

P – Split cards,

H/P – Split cards if it’s possible to double after, in other case take one more card,

H/R – Surrender, if it possible, in other case take one more card,

A – Ace

If you learn this strategy by heart you are able to win something in Black Jack and in this case you can rely on your fortune! It will help you for sure.

What is Black Jack?

Black Jack is one of the most popular card games in casino. There are several reasons of this popularity. The main reasons are accessible game rules and simplicity of the card calculation strategy. Moreover there are a lot of chances to win. In Black Jack casino’s chances to win more only for 0,5%!
In spite of obvious attractiveness for gamblers Black Jack acquire this prevalence in casinos not so rapidly. Firstly casino holders had to attract players to the game by the range of different bonuses and discounts.
The base of Black Jack was “vingt-et-un” card game also known as “twenty one” It was really popular in French gamble clubs in the middle of IXX century. The rules of this game had some difference but in general it was the same as in modern Black Jack. People often use these two names as synonyms. Two sides participate in this game – gambler and dealer (casino staff, man who distributes the cards). The player’s target is to collect more points than dealer have but not more 21 points.
Undoubtedly Black Jack is the most popular gamble in each casino whether it’s Las-Vegas or one of internet casinos. Today we can say that it is impossible to win in Black Jack if you don’t understand basic playing techniques. For this purpose there are a lot of free of charge Black Jack trainers exist in the internet. Here you can play Black Jack with virtual money trying development and implementation of personal strategy in practice.

Applied probability theory

I don`t stop repeating that if you are to some extent deeply planning to play, if you hope to begin win in casino you have to know the base of probability theory at least. So I`ll try to “apply” this probability theory to gambling questions. Prob theory and games are closely related indeed. For example the French word “hazard” – “case”, “risk” came probably from Arab “azar” – “dice”. Actually the science arose from gambling questions exactly and dice game exactly!

It is considered that order holder d`Mere wrote a letter to Bles Paskal asking him how many times have to drop dices to have a probability of two sixes occurring more than ½ (ho thought that 24 drops is enough). Paskal answered this question, began to raise analogous questions in his correspondence with Ferma and these two scientists` names are usually calls as founders of probability theory (it`s about the middle of 17 century). Third “father-founder” is Guigens who also answered the players` question if during three dices dropping 11 or 12 points will occur oftener. Of course certain questions of probability theory were also raise earlier but the base of harmonious theory was laid by these famous scientists.

So, let`s give the definition of probability theory, that is the mathematics section learning random magnitudes` regularity: random events, random magnitudes, their properties and operations with them. Lets` continue… Random event is event which can happen or not in present conditions and which have a defined probability p (from 0 to 1) of its occurring. Random magnitude is magnitude which assumes one of many values as a result of experience and appearance of one or other value of this magnitude is random event at that.

Since history of science development began with dices we`ll appeal to this game, it is too opportune for these. We have dice (cube) with six sides and numbers from 1 to 6 on each. Random event will be for example each number occurring for example 1. If there is normal not “charged” cube each of sides will occur with the same frequency that is one time of six. That 1/6 is probability of our random event occurring (occurring of 1). Probability designates with letter p or P usually. And the random magnitude with our experience (dice dropping) will be occurring of the one or other number exactly. Set of probable magnitudes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 with it. As it can`t be other numbers occurring (there are no 7 or 8 on a cube), these numbers from 1 to six will be total event system. Event probabilities sum in the total system is 1 (that`s why if events are equal probable it is easy to calculate each event probability as 1/event quantity). As it is not possible to occur 1 and 6 at the same time when dropping cube (and other two numbers, we don`t consider “standing on a edge” and “hover in the air” cases) these events will be incompatible between each other.

I offer you the first law of prob theory, addition rule: probability of occurring in experience any one (it doesn`t matter which exactly) of results is sum of these results probabilities if each two of them are incompatibly between each other (we can write it like Р(А or В)=Р(А)+Р(В), where Р(А) is probability of event A). For example if you are interested in probability of even number occurring (that means 2, 4 or 6) we have to sum up probabilities of each of given numbers occurring, we`ll get 1/6+1/6+1/6=1/2 or 50%. Odd number occurring (1, 3 or 5) will be opposite even number occurring event. Sum of opposite events probabilities is 1, that is probability of odd number occurring is 1-1/2=1/2. Event probability is often opportune to calculate with probability of opposite event occurring. So a probability of less than 6 number occurring can be define as probability of 6 UN occurring and calculate like 1-1/6=5/6. Of course in the case of dices it is not hard to sum up 1/6 for five times but in the most of real sums it will be vastly harder.

Let`s pass on conditional probability notion. Suppose that we have two cubes: one standard with numbers from 1 to 6 and the second where 1 and 2 numbers repeated twice and 3. If we`ll drop the first cube, 1 will occur with 1/6 probability, and if we`ll drop the second we`ll have the 1/3 probability already. And 6 will occur with 1/6 and 0 probability (event with 0 probability calls impossible, and 1 – reliable) respectively. Probability of dropping some number on the first dice, for example 1, calls unconditional as it doesn`t depend on other events and probability to drop 1 on both cubes at the same time will be conditional already (some conditions have to happen at the same time – 1 on the first and the second cube). How can we detect this probability? Probabilities multiplication rule will help us: Product of two events probability is product of probability of one of them and conditional probability of other one, calculated with the condition that first event have happened already (Р(А and В)=Р(А)*РА(В), where РА(В) is B event probability when A performs). That is in our example with cubes probability of event A – 1 occurring on the first cube – is 1/6, probability of 1 occurring on the second cube, with the condition of 1 occurring on the first cube too, is 1/3. In all 1 occurring on both cubes is 1/6*1/3=1/18.

Indeed probability of 1 occurring on a second cube is 1/3 independently of what will occur on a first cube. Thereby occurring of 1 on each cube are independent events. In that case multiplication rule simplifies to Р(А and В)=Р(А)*Р(В) – probability of combined occurring any number of independent of each other events is product of probabilities of these events. Probability of two 6 or 1simultaneous occurring on both ordinary cubes is 1/6*1/6=1/36. And what is the probability of 4 or 3 occurring? Is it 1/36 too? No! For 6-6 occurring 6 have to occur on a first cube and 6 on a second. And for 3-4 it can be 3 on the first and 4 on the second or 4 on the first and 3 on the second. It happens that we have to find two conditional probabilities and then sum up them, we`ll get 1/18 probability. Armed with this knowledge you can become like Guigens and answer the question he was asked for. Find all combination which give 11 and 12 points (for example 11=1+5+5, 11=2+4+5 and so on), take into account possibility (or impossibility) of combinations occurring in different order (that is 1,5,5 or 5,1,5 or 5,5,1 – three possible combination in all). Then you multiply and sum up everything. You have to get 25 combinations (each has 1/6*1/6*1/6=1/216 probability) for 12 and 27 for 11. I`ll repeat once again – cubes droppings or numbers occurring in roulette are independent events, probabilities of each are the same and occurring of cards from one batch are dependent already. For example probability of pulling ace first from a 52-cards batch is 4/52. And probability of second ace is 3/51 already (as there are only three aces and 51 cards remained in batch). As a result probability of pulling two aces one by one is 4/52*3/51. And if the first card was not ace the probability of pulling ace with a second card was 4/51 and total situation probability was 48/52*4/51.

Indeed this given higher theory is enough for calculation of most situations in casino games. In the same roulette or dices it is more than enough for calculating of different probabilities. Let`s take “the favorite” roulette-men`s example – 10 reds one by one and calculate it`s probability. There are 37 numbers in total, 18 red among them, so the probability of red occurring is 18/37. Probability of two reds one by one is 18/37*18/37 already, and 10 one by one is (18/37)^10=0,074% or 1 / 1347 (^ – involution). If calculate not only colour but colour plus zero which is dangerous for martingale-lovers we`ll get (19/37)^10=0,13% already or 1 / 784. That is during 1000 spins at the average (one day of playing) you expect occurring of series from 10 one by one not of “your colour”. And if there are 10 of any colour one by one (we`ve counted only the one colour) a probability doubles as series can be both red and black. Let`s look for probability of not occurring of dozen 15 times running. First dozen not occurring means that only second and third dozens occur, plus zero. Probability of their occurring is 1-12/37. Probability of their 15 times running occurring is (25/37)^15=0,28% or 1 for 358 spins. But again if we are interested in not occurring of any dozens but not exactly the first one, we multiply our total by three and approach to 1 case for 100 spins. One who wishes can calculate other probabilities too as number occurring for three times running or not occurring of number during 100 spins.

So, let`s back to order holder d`Mere`s sum. We know that probability of two 6 occurring is 1/36. Probability of two 6 not occurring (opposite event) is 1-1/36=35/56. Probability of two 6 never occurring during 24 droppings is (35/36)^24=50,8%. So, two 6 occurring probability once at least is opposite event with the probability 1-50,8%=49,2%. As we can see d`Mare`s supposition was wrong, you can be convinced after Paskal that it is 25 droppings necessary for 6-6 occurring probability exceed 50%. Turn your attention that sums of “at least once happened event” optimally solve with probability of opposite events.

One more very useful function is Bernoulli formula which makes it possible to estimate probability that during N tests with probable success p amount of successes will be P=p^n*(1-p)^(N-n)*N!/n!/(N-n)! If you use Excel there is function BINOMRASP which enables to calculate respective probabilities quickly. Generally given formula enables to calculate binomial distribution coefficient. This formula is most urgent for “chances” check of one or other events. For example 5 zeros (n successes) occurred during 100 spins (N tests), occurring probability is 1/37 (success probability p). We substitute to the formula or better use BINOMRASP in Excel (“Integral” parameter set as “lie”), we`ll get 8% probability of 5 zeros occurring during 100 spins, that is quite a lot. Pay your attention that is the probability that zero will occur 5 times running! But it can occur 6 times with 3% probability and 7 times with 1,3% probability etc.  If we want to know probability of 5 and more times occurring we have to sum up these probabilities or it is handier to calculate in Excel by 1-BINOMRASP (4;100;1/37;ИСТИНА)=13,5% formula (the event opposite to zero occurring 4 or less times).

When solving different sums of applied probability theory you can need main combinatorial analysis formulas:

  • Permutations – with how many ways you can arrange in order available n elements: P=n! (I hope, you`ve got acquainted with factorial notion – that is product of all natural numbers from 1 to n. n!=1*2*3*…*(n-1)*n). When we talked about two or three dropping of cubes, we were interested exactly in permutations for two or three different numbers. Actually we multiplied probability of defined combination occurring by permutations quantity, for three cubes we have Р=3!=6 variants of permutations. If we have  some (m) same elements the formula changes to P=n!/m! (when two cubes of three are the same as 1-5-5, there will be 3!/2!=3 permutations, and if all three cubes are the same, we`ll have 3!/3!=1 permutations).
  • Placements – with how many ways you can rearrange m elements from available array to n: A=n!/(n-m)! For example how many different numbers can we compose using only three numbers of ten? 10!/(10-3)!=8*9*10=720 (the digit is less than thousand because digits like 111 or 505 use one figure more than once, for placement with reiteration the formula will be n^m, that will give us 1000 of three-digit figures). Formula of placement often uses for possible poker combinations detection. For example what is a probability to collect royal flesh with five given cards? Only 5 cards of 52 in batch can be deal with 52!/47!=311.875.200 ways (we`ll use placement formula right). Royal flesh of defined suit can be collect with 5!=120 ways (the amount of 5 cards placements which form royal). As there are only 4 suits, the probability to collect royal flesh will be 4*120/311.875.200=1/649740 or about every 650-thousand dealing.
  • Combinations – with how many ways m elements can be choose from n elements: C=n!/m!/(n-m)! For example with how many ways two preflop-cards can be deal in Texas holdem? 52!/2!/50!=51*52/2=1326 ways, when 9♣8♠ and 8♠9♣ consider as the one way, as order is not important for us. Further each pair can be compose with 4!/2!/2!=6 ways already (the quantity of combinations is in twos from four), each unpaired combination with 4^2=16 ways (4 ways to choose first card and 4 for the second, multiply analogous to probabilities), one-suit combination of them with 4 ways (by suit quantity) and each different-suit with 16-4=12 ways.

I hope, you`ll understand what is written here. For practice you can train, calculate probability of different combinations occurring in dices and sic bo and compare them with payments; calculate probability of getting different “series” in roulette; calculate probability of getting different bonus payments in different blackjack versions, and compare results for different batches quantity – 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 etc. at that. I wish you success in mathematics mastering and game!

The review of Wanted game machine

Tomorrow I forked out for 218.20 euro owing to Wanted game machine in Europe casino. My mood felt down a little J. A didn`t have such a “successful” playing in video slots for a long time. If somebody was luckier and this video slot helped to increase money amount appreciably, it will be interesting to know details. Now I`ll describe my morning playing where I was terribly unsuccessful.

When searching for other interesting bonus games I stumble upon Wanted video slot – game machine on the subject of Wild West. In this slot America`s Wild West subject matter is used, gun shooting and lucky players can shoot in plenty during bonus game at that.

Wanted is 25-lines online playing machine available in all Internet casinos from Playtech. Of this slot`s multiline system we can already draw the conclusion that winnings on active lines will be not very high. And in my case this game machine put me out winnings too rare really making me hope only bonus games which this machine have whole two.

Playing with full stake of 2,5 euro, winning on active lines round by round couldn`t exceed my stake. Of course I can`t say that whole game was so sad for me, successful combinations figured too yet but their periodicity was 1 for 10 rotations on the average and such game course every time bring me far and far away from start deposit amount.

Bonus games in Wanted video slot

Oh, happiness! First prize game! “I`ll play the field at last!” – The thought flashed. The essence of the game is the following: after gun symbol occurring on 1 and 5 playing drums you given the opportunity to choose a criminal whom you`ll have to find on the square.

Shooting marks you have to find a place where criminal hides. Six targets – six bullets. The earlier you find a bandit throwing out the white flag, the higher will be your gain. I was not very lucky initially and I found a transgressor for the third try getting only 20 euro for catching.

During next prize game occurring I was luckier – I stumbled upon bandit immediately and was awarded with 50 euro gain for that. But these two bonus games couldn`t help me out of minus even what upset me of course! It must be admitted that there are rather small gains turned out in this video slot not only during prize lines activation but in bonus game too L.

Wanted video slot provides for one more game where in the case of 3 and more money collector`s bag symbols occurring in any place of game field, you can choose one of them and gain is decent at that. There remains only set hopes upon good luck and choose a bag with maximal gain.

I was unlucky at all and before getting of three symbols combination I had to make about 250 spins and meeting with first bonus game didn`t happen during all this time at that too. My gain in this game unfortunately was 7,5 euro only and the biggest prize was 25 euro only. And that`s all! I assure you that sometimes playing machines in online casino are more gracious to me.

Yes, it was not my day. I`m sure that lucky men are capable to snatch a large sum here as even playing with stake on 0,1 line when five identical symbols occur on one playing line, gain for the luckiest can be from 10 to 100 euro.

Let`s sum up my playing in Wanted video slot. Multiline slot keeping player in minus during game makes him hope for winning back in bonus games which occur very rare. And during bonus games Internet casino don`t hurry to fork up giving very low prize gains. That is Wild West, ladies and gentlemen!

BingoDay – Internet lotto

Lotto back and becomes more popular than ever! Online lotto is the last sensation attracting men and women of all ages again to this old favorite.

Traditionally used as big technique of means gathering now lotto became the game which unites people and make it possible to earn not bad money.

Lotto returned to the stage of stages by the most breathtaking and unique way, by Internet. Yes, yes, by Internet. Nowadays there are some online lotto but there is only one place which can be call with a big Letter – serious, with many years experience and strong company “behind the back” – BingoDay. BingoDay offers everything what online lotto large experience has to bring with it. Incredible possibilities, fast games and information download, payments are faster, clients` support service and the most important – amazing realistic lotto experience.

BingoDay offers two nice developed online lotto halls, friendly alive chat administrators available 24/7 and easy system of money deposit.

Are you inveterate lotto player but bad acquainted with online experience?

Online lotto is the best way to combine amusement with this classic game and with making new friends from all over the world!

There are alive players in BingoDay 24/7, day and night! You can log in any time of day or night and meet new friends, all lovers of inline lotto.

BingoDay are very generous also, when it concerns to payments and bonuses.

You can take your 110% free game bonus in size of 120$ on your first deposit and incredible 60% bonus on each following deposit which you`ll make any time since then!

Ways of pay:



Telegraphic remittance

Bank account

Private check

Electronic Internet lotteries

Electronic Internet lotteries

Everybody knows that lottery is game of chance. There is always little probability that you`ll have luck. You can win but as a rule you lose. Very small part of people becomes lucky men. But to get into their category many people all over the world believing in fortune are ready to buy lottery tickets continually. And for some of them this step is reasonable however they are lucky really and the win! We don`t know which laws the fortune obey to and that`s why our success in lotteries determines with chance.
Lotteries exist for a long time rather and their organizers understand that it is rather profitable commercial step for their part. As you all know already or guess at least not whole amount from tickets sale goes to prize fund but not big part only.
Of course each lottery has its` own rules and established percent of prize fund but as a rule it doesn`t exceed 50% but then it is rarity. So where does the biggest part of amount from tickets sale go? Here I don`t want to surprise you however you know it already. The most part of this money spends for advertising, state tax, employees` pay etc. and other part is clear organizers` profit. One more time I`ll make a reservation that each lottery has its` peculiarities but these common features are applying practically for all of them.
Now we`ll go over to the description of electronic lotteries in the Internet and we`ll try to find out positive and negative sides. Looking with searchers for electronic lotteries which are carrying out in automatic mode I was disappointed extremely. Mainly for my request different casinos and games were found but not lotteries. But however something was found. Firstly let`s try to single out some main features of that what electronic lottery in the Internet have to be:
– Who wants to take part hasn`t to go to the street looking for lottery ticket. He has to go to the Internet only and buy ticket using any electronic paying system.
– Lottery drawing has to carry out in automatic mode. So when drawing begins a lottery itself has to detect winners automatically.
– Winner`s payments have to come automatically or after request.
After little analysis of founded electronic lotteries I tried to mark out and describe the one which is more or less answers with main features marked earlier. According to description on the site this lottery appeared quite not long ago. The numbers which were owned by other users can`t be choose. Each user can buy no more than twenty numbers (tickets) like these. The price of one number (ticket) is about 80 cents. Every 3 days conducts drawing between those numbers (tickets) which was bought. It means that if only 10 numbers (tickets) was bought the one of these 10 will become a winner. Prize fund composes of whole sum spent by users for buying numbers (tickets). I like here that winning chance is rather big as compared with other lotteries. Few times I tried to take part and once of them I win 1,5$ :) (the drawing was conduct between 3 persons). The gain is small of course because now there are not very many people playing there, some persons literally, but then chances are high. To take part users have to register first and then buy numbers (tickets) in personal cabinet using WebMoney. The gain will transfer you on WebMoney too or on your phone`s account (for your choice). Unfortunately there are not many such systems nowadays but we`ll hope that it is the first step to their development.
Of the above I can make the conclusion that participate in electronic lotteries is easier and handy. But all comers can organize such system, so sometimes there can be swindlers, for example such men who will conduct not accidental drawing but wittingly false way. That`s why many people prefer using proved hyped-up non electronic lotteries while. But that is temporary occurrence probably. The fact is there is no mass electronic lottery yet which is many can trust with like with ordinary lotteries. During last years Internet spread deep into our life but many people don`t risk to use electronic paying systems like WebMoney and others while and somebody don`t know about it even. Of course the time will come when situation will change and electronic money will be use more often than paper and electronic lotteries will be more successful within than ordinary.

Roulette playing systems (Martingale and stakes variation systems)

Let’s start with roulette playing systems – they are the most popular on the market. These systems appeared almost after game creation immediately, many stakes variation systems appeared some hundreds years ago, but till nowadays most of modern systems base on it. Though for all these hundred years we can’t remember cases of casino’s ruin by strategy roulette-men bands, but new players don’t daunt with it, they apparently believe that in 200 years system will work with them personally J.

The most popular stakes variation system is Martingale surely. It appeared in 18th century even, however it seems to be named for 19th century player (but I didn’t find common opinion in sources). The essence of system is the following – you stake 1 on chances (for example on red). If you win – that’s great; your outcome is +1. If you lose, stake on 2 next. You win – your outcome for two spins is -1+2=+1, stake on 1 again. You lose, double your stake again, now stake on 4. If you win you are in plus for one again (-1-2+4=+1) and back to initial stake on 1. When lose every time double your stake, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc. When win you’ll compensate all your losses and stay in plus equally on one, after what you back to initial stake and all starts over again.

The systems seems to be sure – as you can’t lose infinitely, and the first winning gives you plus. Unfortunately for players losing series can last rather long time, so the probability that necessary colour will not occur ten times is about 1 to 1600, and your stake in this case have to be 1024, and 1023 you’ll already lose to that moment. 1600 spins is one day of game, and you already need 2000 units’ bank to secure you without-lose game. It is doubtful whether you have so much money.

And else there is a table limit in casinos, stakes limit is 1-100 units usually. So, Martingale will stumble on eighth step already (you’ll can’t stake 128, only 100, and if you’ll win, you’ll stay in minus on 28).

So, Martingale system is like sphere horse in vacuum – win only with your endless bank and without table limits, and in real conditions it doesn’t change expectation value in roulette giving the same -2,7%.

I’ll mark that system, which seems as sure for somebody up to now, with little bank will lead you to crash faster than flatbet game (equal stakes).

The resume is the one: there are no systems beating roulette! -2,7% stays on distance whatever system you’ve used! At least if roulette is chance, and there is high-quality random number generator in online casinos, roulette will be random as a result. If you’ll hear that “without-loss” system works “by the law of big numbers”, “2/3 law” or even “on correlation of continuum fluctuations and player’s psychophysics” – run away of swindlers like of fire.

Theoretically it is possible to beat real roulette, if it works overtime and acquires “inclination” (look Jack London “Smoke and Shorty”) or becomes more predictable by other reason. But I’ll repeat, in online roulette systems don’t work and cannot work according to probability theory laws!!!

Universal Internet casino mobilization

It is interesting that some years ago mobile casinos have got rather modest spreading in connection with that people considered that business too risky and didn`t invest in its development. However lawmakers favour the development of this business, seeking to reduce ground casinos quantity. It`s important that inveterate players quantity stays the same for all that and that`s why their outflow to alternative types of casino is obvious.

The assessment of today`s situation indicates the high probability that mobile players will become so numerous that will keep competition for internet casino even. It is hard to take computer with you really and mobile phones give freedom of moving and possibility to play always and everywhere. So the advantage of Internet casinos over ordinary casinos went throw more universalization and incarnate to mobile casinos.

How does mobile phone game go? You can become a player if you have phone with Java and GPRS service. Casino generously gives a player first bonus deposit. During first game he learns with rules and peculiarities of game. As a rule this deposit is losing all the same but money belong not to player but to casino initially, and that`s why he wouldn`t have bad aftertaste but excitement and willing to take fortune by the horns appears. Meanwhile telephone settings often work not in demonstration mode but in game one, that`s why on learning stage it should to be tracing carefully how the phone works and whether your money doesn`t slip away.

After a man gets the feel of game, knows it, it`s time to pass on real mode replenish phone`s account beforehand. You can do it with special cards from mobile casinos, easy replenish your account in office or remit money with firepay, webmoney, or rapida. It happens that you can easy make a remittance from bank card.

Game choice suits the majority of players. Those are favorite roulette, poker, slots and blackjack. It has to do justice for companies – in games everything is drawing perfect. That`s why difficulties haven`t to appear in game. If to download necessary soft to the phone with cable or cordless connectivity, you can feel yourself a player in full-fledged casino in full measure.

Of course, client can has complaints for picture quality etc. but that problem is solvable as market is in constant developing condition and maximal handy and beautiful services answering all requirements will appear with time.

If to speak about game process directly, it is important to understand here that nothing strategy works in conditions when computer acts as adversary. By the way he doesn`t make mistakes almost that`s why all complaints are for yourself. It`s important to switch off your brain and pass on reflexes and intuition fully. This way helps oftener than sophisticated many-leadings.

Roulette – the most interesting about casino playing

People who have never been to casino are sure that this institution`s space crams with roulette tables. If you`ll ask a man to name something what is associated with gambling he will say “Roulette!” without long thinking.

Meanwhile game halls frequenters know that roulette tables don`t stand out against tables for other gamble games and casino gets the main profit not out of showy roulette by no means but out of banal game playing machines.

But such is the custom – roulette became the symbol of all-absorbing excitement and passion for game long ago. And victory procession of roulette started not today and not yesterday.

Fatal roulette history

Roulette invention ascribing to French mathematician and philosopher Pascal, who supposedly invented it for some scientific purposes, and his clever friends guessed to use this invention in the purpose of profit already.

There is another more mystical version of roulette appearance – some Parisian sold his sole to devil and the evil one paid him with the roulette secret. That is why, this hypothesis supporters affirm, the total sum of all numbers on roulette is 666. Check it yourself – funny coincidence, is not it?

Be that as it may in reality, but the roulette exactly, or rather the principle it was founded on, made the game incredibly popular all over Europe from the beginning of its existing till nowadays.

By the way there were not 38 but 40 sockets in roulette originally – three sockets were marked as “Zero” and gain went in favour of institution, bringing enormous profit.

The incredible flourishing of Monaco principality connect with the roulette appearance – the first casino appeared there in 1861 but real game boom began few years later after closing of all game houses in the rest of Europe. Rich people who had time to “get hooked” on game by that time came to Monte-Carlo by crowds where the big game palace was build by that time.

Roulette appeared in USA in 1800 for the first time, brought by emigrants from France and was appropriately. Risky people from all over the world opening up Wild West were always not indifferent to competitions with Fortune and there were no end of wishing to try one`s luck. Totally, history of American roulette in 19 century in full measure repeated the European history – the roulette was forbidden and allowed again, then limitations were introduced and all forbids was stopped after all. The famous Jack London`s tale “Baby sees dreams” is about American roulette too.

Roulette and mistakes of Fortune

Everywhere wherever roulette appeared it became source of serious passions and catalyst of real tragedies – very many said that there is something devilish in this game device. So what is the secret of unrestrained roulette attraction, its intoxicating magic and mystery which drives crazy sometimes?

May be the case is that roulette is to the limit honest and gives a man the main – free of will and choice? Player sees how a game goes; he sees winning numbers and decides himself what number he will stake on. Player himself determines stake size and can take his gain immediately and in the case of loss he has a possibility to win back immediately.

With other words roulette is a model of human`s life, giving a player a possibility to make his decisions himself and control a process without possibility to influence a result. And every time, almost every time a man stays sure that he made everything right, that he made it, almost made it, it remains only to try one more time and good luck will be with him.

Except this psychological snare the majority of players inevitably find themselves under numbers magic, which mystic nature ancient mathematicians talked about yet.

It is significant that attempts to apply purely scientific theoretical attitude to roulette began immediately after its appearance. Over centuries of roulette existence a lot of scientific, half-scientific and pseudo-scientific works appeared, from games theory developing to books with enviable constancy proclaimed an appearance of game “safe system” which guarantees roulette conquering.

Statistic advantage of game institution fluctuates from 1,35% to 2,7% – and these small figures time after time induce new generations of players to invent strategies which allow to conquer this “not at all fatal” advantage. And this is the main roulette illusion, its main trial. Meanwhile any competent mathematician, if he doesn`t intend to pull your leg, will say – mathematical advantage of roulette is invincible. But this boring fact has never keep somebody from a game yet!

It is not known exactly when and who did think up the idea to “help” roulette to deliver necessary result, but we can be absolutely sure that such attempts began simultaneously with the roulette appearance almost. Because it corresponds very much with human`s nature – if it is impossible to foretell a result correctly you can try to “program” it beforehand.

A book can be written about ways of roulette underhand – and it will be a very fascinating reading. From endless stories about banal chips stealing from table neighbors and “late stakes” when chips add to winning number secretly, to players with casino dealers collusion.

Of course there were and there is mass of attempts to beat roulette with the help of different technique devices – dishonest casino owners 50-30 years ago yet could use different magnets, fixates, needles, secret button etc.

Swindlers from players` side didn`t lag behind progress – it is known the case with whole group of scientists who have fixed ball`s position in dropping moment with the help of mini-camera and computer. Then smarty-pants calculated the sector where a ball occurred after wale stop with the greatest probability and wined oftener than usually.

Some years before in Britain others no less refined players hit under the court for using laser scanner when playing roulette which helped to foretell winning sectors. However the court exempted from liability swindlers who won large amounts in British casino – it became clear that neither country law forbidden using of technique devices when playing.

In this aspect whole roulette history is a history of invisible to the world fight of casino owners and swindlers. Of course, like any other game, where a chance is determinative, roulette couldn`t be coated with enormous quantity of myths, signs and superstitions.

They talk about roulette, like about any other game, that drunkard and fool are lucky there, and accidental player has much more chances – those who one minute ago didn`t have in his mind to join the game.

By the way the author had a possibility to try this sign with herself. Once I was lazy playing black jack in demo mode when one acquaintance girl came to my house to friendship tea. I came to the kitchen to see what is with tea there and the girl stayed in the room for three minutes in private with opened online casino program. As my game went in demo-mode I didn`t worry about anything. After one-minute bustles in the kitchen I was back to my friend to catch the moment when she staked 100$ for number 30 in roulette. Only after some moments after the ball felt to the set with the digit 30, red, I noticed the sign “PLAY FOR REAL” on top. When and how the girl switched the game mode was not important yet…

Experienced players before join a game observing for a long time and choose the most successful player. After these they are waiting patiently when lucky one will finish game and take his place immediately. They apparently suppose that Ms Fortune is weak-sighted and wouldn`t immediately look into that somebody other took her favor’s place.

If successful player don`t hurry to go away from a table experienced man seek to place his chips over his hoping that he will get a “piece of happiness”.

One more sign and superstition which players seek to follow is that money intended for game is put to separate pocket and they say it good bye beforehand. Capricious Fortune can think that you are geared for loss, make a decision for her – and will make it by her way.

Roulette in online casino

When the talk turned to online gambling than the most excitable game is clearly virtual roulette in virtual casino. There are no “admixtures and side effects” – your luck doesn`t influenced with signs, doesn`t influenced with croupier`s likableness or not likeableness, his ball dropping manner etc. In other words you stay face to face with Fortune and get the best chances to know how favour is she to you today.

Finishing this little excursus to roulette`s life and history, I’d like to mark some features, each player have to remember by all means. Trying to beat roulette you enter the confrontation not with game institution but with mathematical laws and 200-years experience of game institutions immutable profit. That`s why it have to understand clear that playing in roulette is excellent way to tickle your nerves and try your luck, but as the way of daily earnings roulette makes sense only in one case – if you are the owner of game site.

Meanwhile Internet is good besides everything other with that you can practice any gamble game for free any time.